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Castle of Higher Borough 2

The Highboro Castle on a sunny day

Castle of Higher Borough

The beatiful gardens and the castle on the background

The Castle of Higher Borough (also: Highboro Castle or Decade Castle; Romanian: Castelul lui Carol cel Mare, what means "Castle of Charles the Great") is a castle in the Adlibitan town of Highboro. It's built by 1766, exactly 2 years after the colonization by the English people, and was finished ten years later in 1776. That's why it's called the Decade Castle. The current owner is the English Community Foundation.

History Edit

Duke Charles of Westminster, nicknamed The Brave, was a rich Englisman who moved to Adlibita in 1765. He wanted to build his own house and ordered hundreds of workmen to start the building of the Castle of Higher Borough. It was nicknamed Duke's Home in the late 1700s. The duke and his entire family, including servants, lived there until 1794, when the second duke, Duke Charles II of Higher Borough died.

The ownership of the Castle was disputed after his dead. Duke Dimitri of Higher Borough inherited the castle, but the town of Highboro claimed it. After half a year of discussions, the castle became the official property of the Duke.

The castle stayed a family property until 1972. After Duke Stephen and Stephen II of Higher Borough, his son, Stephen III inherited it. He was the first to call himself Stephen, and not Duke. Since then, the family was not anymore a member of the Adlibitan nobilty. His son Alexander Highboroughs inherited the castle and the properties surrounding it in 1914, and Alexander's wife Lucy got it when he died.

In 1972 the castle was donated to the English Community Foundation.

Owners throughout history Edit

Visiting the castle Edit

Highboro Castle has been opened to the public on October the 28th.

It is opened:

  • on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:50 AM until 5:00 PM
  • on Wednesday, from 01:00 PM until 8:00 PM
  • on Friday and Saturday, from 01:00 PM until 10:00 PM

The castle and its gardens are closed on Sunday.

The income prices are:

  • adults: € 9,00
  • children (-12): € 5,00
  • small children (-4): FREE

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