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This half year, the headquarters of the United Wiki Nations have been established in the beautiful mediterranean country of Adlibita, the second largest country within the UWN. The UWN organisated this top to make some things clear: what to do with the problems of some countries, which decisions should be made, et cetera. Every inhabitant of a wiki country may vote, discuss and can start a discussion. The spoken language is English.

Work on your future, work on the UWN


We need your vote!

Every inhabitant in the UWN is asked to vote. Should Vreêland be annexed? Or do we want Mäöres to enter our collaboration? Well, go to the page and vote! Because your vote, is the most important one.

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UWN vote9 martie 2008 19:33Bucurestean


  • January 21 - Should Ilenulando be annexed by Adlibita? Should Adlibita and Lovia have a special collaboration? Please, continue the discussions!
  • January 21 - With 71% of the votes, Vreêland's decorignition is now official. Vreêland doesn't exist anymore!
  • January 17 - The opinion poll about the decorignition of Vreêland will be closed on Sunday 20th.
  • January 17 - The top in Adlibita has been reorganised. Old discussions can be found here. Now there's also a special place to vote.

Start a topic

Every UWN citizen may start a topic. About which subject do you want to start a discussion? Just put the subject in the box below and click on the button.

About this location

Castle of Higher Borough 2

The top of the UWN is being held in the historical beauty of Castle of Higher Borough in the English town of Highboro. This place's been chosen because it's the most accessible place in Adlibita, thanks to the English language that's spoken locally. The Castle of Higher Borough is an important cultural and historical attraction in Western Adlibita.. more >

Thank you!

The UWN wants to thank you for participating!

State membre ale UWN (modifică) United Wiki Nations
Foşti membri: Adlibita - Ilenulando - Libertas - Lovia - Mäöres - Vreêland
Headquarters of the UWN - Polls

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