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Highboro FC
Nume completSports Club "Lucio" Highboro
Kit left arm Kit body Kit right arm
Kit shorts
Kit socks
Kit left arm Kit body 3bluestripes Kit right arm
Kit shorts
Kit socks

Highboro FC, shortened from Highboro Football Club, is a professional association football club based in Highboro, Fluviu, Adlibita. Despite its location in the small town of Highboro, the football club has one of the largest fan bases throughout Adlibita. Highboro FC is famous for being the only Adlibitan football team that has a primarily English-speaking fan base, which is the source of their large fan base. Highboro FC is considered a fairly successful football team, and often finishes in the top half of the Liga Adlibitană.

The club play their home competitive fixtures at the Highboro Stadium, a 2013-built 12,500 seater stadium that is built on the ground of the club's former stadium, the Sport Fields Highboro. The club has traditionally worn a blue and yellow home kit since its foundation in 2007, featuring the team badge in the top right corner, and Pedrosoft as its sponsor. The kit manufacturer of Highboro FC is the reputable brand, Macron. For the current 2015 season, Highboro wear a dark blue and light blue striped away kit. The current president of the club is Nick.

In English the club is known as Highboro Football Club, but in Romanian it is sometimes known as Clubul Sportiv Lucio, which was also formerly the official name of the club.

History Edit

Team Edit

Nr. Poziţie Jucător
1 Steag
P        John Williams
2 Steag
F        Ion Matei
4 Steag
F        Constantin Negrescu
5 Steag
F        Will Anderson
17 Steag
F        Tudor Ruds
7 Steag Anglia
M        Michael Pullish
Nr. Poziţie Jucător
6 Steag
M        Luca Constantin
18 Steag
M        Mihai Popescu
15 Steag
M        Mihai Johnson
10 Steag
A        Robert Higherborough
11 Steag
A        Bogdan Gusti

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