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Highboro Stadium
Location Highboro
Owner Village of Highboro
Capacity 12,500
Surface Grass
Construction cost £17,000,000
Opened 2013

The Highboro Stadium is an all-seater football stadium in Highboro, Fluviu, Adlibita. It is the home stadium of Highboro FC, the Liga Adlibitană football club based in the town of Highboro. It has a capacity of approximately 12,500, cost £17,000,000 to build and was designed by local architects Highboro Associates. The stadium was built on the ground of the demolished Sports Field in 2013, which only had a seated capacity of 1,500. The stadium has been chosen to host several Adlibita Under 19 and Under 21 fixtures, and hosts numerous non-football related events, including weddings and pop concerts.

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