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Lucy 2

Lucia in 1972

Lucy Williams-Highboroughs (12 octombrie 1899 London - 9 aprilie 1974 Highboro), nicknamed Lucia, was a lady and the last owner of the Castle of Higher Borough. In 1920 she became the second wife of Alexander Highboroughs. She donated the Highboro Castle to the English Community Foundation.

Biography Edit

Lucy 1

Lucy, when she was young

Childhood Edit

She was born in London on the 12th of October in 1899. Her name was Lucy Williams and she came from a normal family. The Williams weren't rich, but they weren't poor neither. Her father was an owner of a alimentary in London.

Lucy went to school and was a real talent. She became an expert in poetry, all the day long she wrote poems. Lucy had a lot of friends, she was a happy girl.

Relation with Alexander Edit

When she had the age of 19 she fell in love with a guy called Alexander Highborough who was about 40 years old. When they met, Alexander - who has a noble man - was sightseeing in London. They met each other in the alimentary of Lucy's father.

After a short and nice talk, they decided to meet each other a lot more. In the two weeks that Alexander was in London, they everyday had a walk in the park. They were in love. Alexander decided to take her with him to his castle in the Adlibitan town of Highboro.

Two years later they married and then they had their honeymoon to England. Lucy liked the Adlibitan people, and they liked her too because she was so diplomatically and so good in writing poems. Her poems are a symbol of Highboro.

Her work Edit

In her spare time she wrote poems. In Adlibita, these poems are really famous, almost all of them are in English or Romanian. Because the inhabitants of Highboro were so proud of these poems, some of them became their symbol. In the Borough's Park there are special places for each famous poem. Like there is White, white, High' Borough with special pictures, sculptures about the poem and pieces of the poem. Poetry, she wrote in a special room in her castle, the Writing Room. For inspiration, she always walked through her village to see something interesting what she could use in her poem. Here we have a list of her work:

  • White, white, High' Borough - December 1951
  • ..

After World War II Edit

Donated Edit

See also Edit

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