Aceasta este lista tuturor meciurile amicale înregistrate de echipa Dinamo Christianenburg.

Acasă Edit

10 septembrie 2007: FC Civitesse 1 - 0 Dinamo Christianenburg Edit

FC Civitesse 1 - 0 Dinamo Christianenburg
Alexandru coach Tigrul-alb
van Langhout Dumitrescu
Aless Matei
van Libertas Ambrus
Winuwé Ivanciuc
Jefferson Ionescu
Janssen Farias
Bandescu Lapaicu
von Wikistadt Popescu
Ponente Stoica
'85 Minge Victoriaan Nica
Lliberan Moldovan

Data FC Civitesse Dinamo Christianenburg
Shots (total) 2 1
(from which) shots on goal 2 0
Tackles 5 6
Fouls 0 0
Yellow cards 0 0
Red cards 0 0
Injuries 0 0
Ball possession 47% 53%
Passes 92% 88%
Corners 0 0
Offsides 1 0
Precision of the shots 100% 0

Deplasare Edit

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