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RoWikicity is a fictitious country open to change and anyone can help! For example, you can create a second Real Madrid (and play matches against other clubs) or be a journalist for a newspaper. You could create economic instinct and run several large companies, or if you're a popular man you can win presidential elections. We want to make a fictional world. Wikicity already exists in three languages Dutch, English and Romanian. Are you interested? View this page with a more detailed explanation. If you have problems, an administrator can help you. '

RoWikicity has 544 pages and 8 locations. Continue...

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Here on the Adlibita Wiki, we use the Community system. Any editor may make a community, however there is a population limit of 300,000. In your community, you are the mayor. Your options as mayor are endless, you could start a sports team and design a multi-million sports complex, build a mansion for your character to live in, or build an underground railway system. You can feel free to do any of the previous in any other community, however if your actions are reverted, remember, the mayor's word is final in his/her village.
Localităţi: Cantegro - Christianenburg (+) - Floreşti - Highboro (+) - Luceşti - Lunca - Orcieru - Măneni - Şteanca
Generalităţi: Harta Adlibitei - Istoria Adlibitei - Localităţi - Organizarea administrativă - Steagul Adlibitei
Geografie: Fluviul Verde - Golful Christianenburgului - Munţii Albi - Râul Lacrimilor - Vârful Alb
Economie: Bursa de Valori Adlibitană - Companii
Clădiri: Spitalul Clinic de Urgenţe Christianenburg - Teatrul Naţional Christianenburg - Liceul Ion Luca Caragiale Christianenburg - Primăria Veche - Muzeul Religiei - Centru de Ski - Închisoarea din Adlibita - Hotel Rometo - Ice Cream Adlibita - Muzeul Portului Vechi
Parcuri: Parcul Naţional - Parcul Metropolis - Parcul de distracţii Hopa Mitică - Grădina Zoologică din Christianenburg
Lăcaşuri de cult: Biserica Sfânta Filofteia
Media: (+)
Transport: A1 - A2 - CFA - DN1 - DN3 - Gara de Nord - Gara de Sud - Metrou - RATC
Sport: (+)
Televiziuni: ProTV Adlibita
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Administrators are the operators of the wiki. They make large decisions regarding the wiki, and all speak fluent English. Administrators are here to help, so if you're stuck feel free to ask one of the following people:
New to this wiki? Are you interested and you want to edit and RoWikicity you but do not know how? First you can read Our help pages and the page About Wikicity. Not on your own? Ask an Administrator or visit our 'Café' .

Scroll up to the 'Welcome' box where you can create articles, write the title of your article in the box and click 'Create item'. Put text in the empty space and click 'Save Page'.

Good luck!

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